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Theresa May: Learn or Go

The ‘football manager’ culture that has emerged in British politics is bad for all of us. Emily Thornberry called for Theresa May’s resignation almost immediately after the publication of Thursday night’s exit poll, Jeremy Corbyn did the same not long

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The Conservative Manifesto: Brave or Courageous?

Politicians have for years grappled with the dilemma of choosing between good politics but bad policy and good policy but bad politics. The Conservative manifesto contains a mixture of both. Their immigration policies certainly come into the category of good

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Since Brexit, EU Has Strengthened the Leave Campaign’s Case

On 23rd June, after much deliberation which only ended the night before, I voted to leave the European Union. That night and in the early hours of the following morning, as the votes were counted and the result became clear,

UK Must Not Concede Security in Brexit Negotiations

Theresa May has been criticised by many for her approach to the Brexit negotiations, in particular for using various things as ‘bargaining chips’. Most recently, this has been related to comments about security in her letter to Donald Tusk which

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Budget 2017: Right Policies, Wrong Explanation

Jeremy Corbyn has complained about the media, but today they have been his best friend. After Philip Hammond delivered his first Budget, it was the Leader of the Opposition’s turn to respond. However hr missed the one open goal offered

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Media Hostility Will Benefit Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters have long-complained about hostility from the mainstream media towards his leadership. However this week, he could find that it works to his benefit. In normal circumstances at this stage of the election cycle, opposition parties

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Labour Leadership Election Will Solve Nothing

The Labour leadership challenge initiated by Angela Eagle and pursued by Owen Smith was supposed to end the turmoil currently facing the party and bring unity. Unfortunately for them, however, none of the problems will be solved. Smith’s campaign centres

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Theresa May Must Hold an Early Election

History is a powerful teacher, Theresa May must pay attention. As a result of Andrea Leadsom’s withdrawal from from the Conservative leadership contest on Monday afternoon, May will become the next prime minister having been elected only by Conservative MPs.

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How to Vote in the EU Referendum

With just seven days until the EU Referendum, for many the choice is too overwhelming. Exaggerated claims, questionable forecasts and personal attacks have been the order of the day in this campaign, and as a result people do not know

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Why the SNP has become the dominant party of Scotland

The rise to dominance of the Scottish National Party is unprecedented. In the 2015 General Election it increased its Westminster presence from six to fifty-six MPs, while in this month’s Holyrood election it won its third successive term of office,