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David Cameron Has Done No Wrong

This week has, by his own admission, not been a good one for David Cameron. He has received unrelenting criticism for various aspects of the so-called Panama Papers, however very little of this criticism is actually valid. The first point

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Jeremy Corbyn is on the Defensive

Jeremy Corbyn has begun the process of self-preservation as he tries to change the rules regarding leadership elections. Under the current system candidates need the support of 15% of Labour MPs to get their name on to the ballot paper,

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Why Obama Will Not Replace Justice Scalia

On Saturday the world learnt of the death of US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who was a Ronald Reagan appointee in 1986. At first glance the passing of the New Jersey-born judge seems as though the ideological balance of

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Affirmative Action: The Ultimate Hypocrisy

Affirmative action is firmly back on the political agenda on both sides of the Atlantic in 2016, with the US Supreme Court expected to make a ruling on Fisher vs. University of Texas, while Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal

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Should Tory MPs Listen to Members Over Europe?

The Prime Minister has received criticism from his party for suggesting that MPs vote with their heart in the upcoming EU referendum and not campaign to leave the EU “because of what your constituency association might say.” But was this

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Should the Greens be Given PPBs?

The Green Party has launched an official appeal against the BBC Trust after it decided not to allow it any party political broadcasts (PPBs), while UKIP has been given three. A BBC spokesperson said the criteria for determining the award

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Cameron Must Make Boris Johnson Foreign Secretary

David Cameron is starting to see why announcing that he would not stand for a third term in office was a bad idea. This announcement effectively fired the starting gun for a five year leadership campaign which could be as

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The Conservatives Must Learn Lessons From the Past

Labour has gone back in time, and it shows. Opinion polls show support for Labour is at record lows due to their time travelling back to the 1980s which has allowed the Conservatives the opportunity to turn British politics into

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Why Corbyn Can’t Win Over Trident

The latest episode in this excruciating saga for Labour, which has included indecision over war in Syria and a painful reshuffle, was Jeremy Corbyn’s proposal to scrap Britain’s nuclear deterrent while upholding the spending by upgrading the Trident submarines but

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