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Budget 2017: Right Policies, Wrong Explanation

Jeremy Corbyn has complained about the media, but today they have been his best friend. After Philip Hammond delivered his first Budget, it was the Leader of the Opposition’s turn to respond. However hr missed the one open goal offered

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Media Hostility Will Benefit Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters have long-complained about hostility from the mainstream media towards his leadership. However this week, he could find that it works to his benefit. In normal circumstances at this stage of the election cycle, opposition parties

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Labour Leadership Election Will Solve Nothing

The Labour leadership challenge initiated by Angela Eagle and pursued by Owen Smith was supposed to end the turmoil currently facing the party and bring unity. Unfortunately for them, however, none of the problems will be solved. Smith’s campaign centres

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Jeremy Corbyn is on the Defensive

Jeremy Corbyn has begun the process of self-preservation as he tries to change the rules regarding leadership elections. Under the current system candidates need the support of 15% of Labour MPs to get their name on to the ballot paper,

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Why Corbyn Can’t Win Over Trident

The latest episode in this excruciating saga for Labour, which has included indecision over war in Syria and a painful reshuffle, was Jeremy Corbyn’s proposal to scrap Britain’s nuclear deterrent while upholding the spending by upgrading the Trident submarines but

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